Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Days Left....

Only five days left for everyone to take advantage of our early bird discount for the 2013 CSA Vegetable box programme.  

Sign up between now and December 1st 2012 and save $25.00.

Why Join a CSA?: 

  • Keeps your food source local rather than it being picked unripe, then being gassed in a storage container to ripen, losing it's flavour and nutritional value while it travels thousands of kilometers to get to your table.
  • Stopping the large corporations taking over the food system.  
  • Guaranteeing that none of your dollar spent will end up in Monsanto's pocket. 
  • Keeping an open mind trying new or different vegetables and eating seasonally. 
  • Share some of the rewards and risks of the farm, by benefiting from the abundance  or making do should crop yields be low due to weather, disease or pests.
  • Supporting a local farm helps to stimulate the local economy
  • It gives you the security of knowing where your food has been grown and that is has been grown in a environmentally sustainable way using as little fossil fuels as possible and no herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.
  • Having a relationship with the farmer that grows your food, rather than heading into a food store picking up food that has been handled by many hands,  that has already been cleaned and prepared for you and may have already spent several weeks sitting on a shelf wrapped in plastic.

The Season:
 18 weeks from mid June and will finish mid October 2013. 

What can you expect in your basket over the season: 7-12 seasonal vegetables each week.  

The size and variety of a share may vary slightly throughout the year due to the season, weather and other variables. 

Examples of a seasonally weekly share:
Early Season - Spring turnips, bunching onions, asian greens, herbs, lettuce, garlic scapes, peas, swiss chard, radish and mizuna.Mid Season - Lettuce, zucchini, fennel, garlic, eggplant, tomatoes, beans, onions, sweet peppers, beets and carrots.Late Season - Kale, pac choy, onions, cabbage, rutabaga, winter squash, leeks, potatoes, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes. 

For more information about our CSA please see our CSA page, e-mail or call the farm, and we will send you a brochure and application form. If you have any questions on the CSA programme please do not hesitate to contact us, or read one of our earlier posts about the CSA.  

Also see our Facebook page for pictures of the last three years growing seasons.