Monday, August 22, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 11

First soil building cover crops are in!
We did get a bit more rain yesterday morning which came just at the right time, as last week we had lifted most of our storage onions to cure and Michael had prepped beds ready for cover crop seeding.  We are using a mixture of rye/vetch and oats/vetch this year.  These cover crops help to prevent soil erosion in winter along with adding organic matter to the soil.  We are adding the vetch this year to help add more nitrogen to the soil. 
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We would love to say the drought is over but it is a long way from that.  Our stream still has not come back yet, even though our grass is looking rather green again. Sprinklers did go back on last week to help water in transplants and lots of direct seeding that we did.  So keep up the rain dances as we still need lots more of it!

Our trusty spade said enough is enough!
This weeks basket:
Lettuce - Please be aware the lettuce may be a little bitter due to lack of water
Kohlrabi - We uncovered these this week to do some weeding and we are not sure how but they are huge! These are meant to be for later in the season but due to the size and that we do not want them to split we are going to pick the largest ones to go in this weeks boxes
Thyme - If you do not want to use this fresh place your thyme in a brown paper bag to dry.  Once dry strip leaves or leave on the stem and store in a mason jar for use through winter.
Eggplant - Iman bageldi or spiced eggplant and tomato
Sweet Peppers

Monday, August 15, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 10

We finally got some rain on Saturday! By end of day the rain gauge read just over half an inch but the picture  gives you an idea of how much more rain we actually still need.  We did get some transplanting done, along with two nights off from moving sprinklers.  I think you could hear everything from vegetables, farmers, trees to animals take a sigh of relief for the rain and also to get a break from the feeling like 44 degrees that we had had for the previous few days!
Now we are just getting ready for tomorrow's deluge! Fingers crossed it is a day of gentle rain!
Please do not get us wrong we are loving that we finally have some rain but now we have to keep a careful eye on the crops to make sure they do not split from getting so much water in a short space of time! As they say when it rains it pours!

Enjoying the puddles!

This weeks basket:
Cherry Tomatoes
Field Tomatoes
Salad onions
Sweet Peppers or Eggplant
Zucchini All being well we should have zucchini as well!
Hot Peppers - Please remember we do not include these as part of the CSA box as we think it is unfair for those who do not like heat.  So we will leave a basket at the stand and at pick up points so that you can help yourself to them!