Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall CSA Newsletter ~ Week 3

Kale in the snow on Friday.
Not sure we were ready for all this snow!! Since living in Canada I think this is the earliest we have seen this much snow!
For everyone who is picking up at the farm please allow extra time for your drive and please be careful on our drive and getting to the stand.
Thanks to the early onset of winter the box has changed, the cold temps and snow have left crops under the fleece covers not looking too happy! But the crops in the hoop houses are hanging on in there.
We have been rather happy that the ground had warmed up enough yesterday and today to dig out some parsnips for everyone.  Also today's temperatures also allowed us to harvest spinach and kale from our hoop houses.  Michael did have to take the reciprocal saw to the Kalettes as it really was the only way to cut them down, it looked like he was felling miniature trees.

This weeks box:
Potatoes - Dakota Pearls this week. These potatoes will work really well in this Spanish potato dish
Pie Pumpkin - Yes it's long and not round but will make amazing soup, pie or even really nice added to mash potato.
Beets - I think one of my favourite ways to eat beets is roasted with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese!
Swede/Rutabaga - I am finding lots of great recipes for your root vegetables. This one you can also add your kale to.  Why not try making Rumbledethumps
Celeriac - I have found a rather yummy roasted vegetable recipe for your celeriac and parsnips this week!
Parsnips - Finally at 4pm on Sunday the ground had thawed enough to allow us to dig a tub's worth of parsnips out the ground in the snow.  We are hoping the weather might give us a small window of opportunity to get some more out for next weeks shares.
Golden Turnips - How about using your root vegetables to make a gratin
Carrots - Or you could even try Veg in the hole with your root veg!
Kale - Something different to do with your kale and you can use any type of kale for this Turkish tahini greens dish.
Spinach - Something easy and cheesy to do with this week's spinach!
Kalettes - Yes these are rather weird looking. Kalettes are the result of years of traditional breeding work crossing Brussels sprouts and kale. Grown and harvested similarly to Brussels sprouts, the open, flower-like florets can take up to 138 days to grow!!!.  All you need to do is break off the florets, these can be stored in a Ziploc bag in the fridge.  They can be roasted, sauteed or eaten raw.  We sauteed some on Sunday evening with garlic, onions and cranberries to have with our roast pork and roasted veggies! All we can say is Delish!

Next week sees the last delivery of our Fall CSA.  If you would like a bulk vegetable box after next week then please let us know ASAP.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall CSA Newsletter ~ Week 2

Last week should have been a simple week of vegetable deliveries and field clearing and storing!! It ended up being one of those weeks! As one of our customers said "CSA builds community" and we could not agree more.

We delivered our first box on Tuesday morning all excited, jumped back into the truck to head off to the next delivery and the truck just died on us!!!!! 
Long story short the starter motor had gone.  We have to say a huge thank you from us to our CSA members and one of our friends Marj, who were all ready to come to our rescue.  
We were certainly very lucky that where the truck broke down our CSA family were home. We took over their home, phones and phone books in order get the truck towed and to figure out how to do deliveries.  

We had several of our CSA families offer to come and get us, loan us a vehicle and one of our families offered to chauffeur us to complete the deliveries. So I spent the afternoon cackling away with Linda as we drove around Belleville doing vegetable deliveries while Michael got the truck towed and headed back to the farm.  So again a huge THANK YOU to all of you who offered to rescue us on Tuesday we would not have got through the day with out you. 

You will notice you will be getting some of the same greens again this week.  They have held on really well in the field under fleece covers so while these vegetable remain happy in the field we are going to keep filling your boxes with fresh greens rather than root vegetables. 

We love receiving pictures and recipes of what you are all doing with your produce from the farm.
Colleen sent in her Fall Stir fry with left over roast pork.  As Colleen said in her e-mail, everything was from Strattons farm! 
We have added Debbie's picture to the recipe list below for radicchio.

This weeks basket

Potatoes - Great recipe for hiding those greens in foods! Why not try Kale and potato cakes
Carrots - carrot mash
Kale - kale, potato, celeriac Stilton Pie You could replace the Stilton with any blue cheese!
Spinachsag aloo spinach or chard and potato
Pac Choi - With the winter nights drawing in why not try a chicken broth and pac choi broth.

Napa Cabbage - Why not try roasting your napa cabbage this week!
Leeks - We like to find you different recipes and this weeks leek is for cottage pie with leeks and potato topping
Mustard Greens
Celeriac - This vegetable may come under the ugly category but it is yummy added to mashed potatoes or roasted with other root vegetables
Radicchio Debbie sent in this photo and recipe for her Radicchio.
Quarter and wash the radicchio. Dry on a tea towel for 1/2 hr or so. Put in a baking dish. 
Make dressing. Mine has apple cider vinegar, thyme, salt, pepper, olive oil, lots of chopped garlic, Dijon mustard and sun dried tomatoes. Crumble  bacon on top and pour dressing on top. Cover with foil at bake at 350 for ~1 hr or how ever you like it cooked.