Tuesday, October 14, 2014

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 18

We hope that everyone had a restful Thanksgiving with friends and family.

This last week has seen our first really heavy frost at the farm, blue spotted salamanders and a huge chunk of our garlic planting completed! As of this evening 2321 cloves are in and we have about another 1000 to go! This is our largest garlic patch ever! Compared to some this is tiny but each year we keep enlarging the patch. I did suggest to Michael we should aim for 6000 next year!! If we do that, we might have to have a CSA garlic party! 

Thank you to everyone who filled in the winter vegetable CSA survey. Once our 20 week summer CSA ends we will running a Fall CSA Box for November. You will be able to choose a weekly or bi weekly box and in December we will be offering bulk vegetable boxes.  These bulk boxes depend on how well the greens do in the greenhouse, along with our cold storage! If all goes well we will offer more bulk boxes in January and February.

Everyone who has said yes to extending will shortly receive an e-mail with a registration form with all the in's and outs of how the November shares will work. We hope to have this done and updated on our website by this weekend!

Watermelon Radish
This weeks basket:
Golden Turnips
Watermelon Radish - These can be eaten raw in a salad or roasted
Sweet peppers - This will be the last week of these.
Spinach - Yes the leaves are huge, but very sweet and tender.  We do not wash the spinach as it keeps longer.  So wash as you need it.
Mustard greens

Monday, October 6, 2014

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 17

Chewed pac choy!
I think we can say that the Fall weather has returned to the farm this weekend!
We are thankful that we re-covered some of our crops on Saturday as we did get another light, patchy frost across the farm!
The most damage we received was to our radicchio and pac choy not due to the weather but due to either a skunk or raccoon that has felt the need to walk over our fleeces pull them apart and have a bit of a nibble on the crops!
Even though it is the long weekend coming up, vegetables still need to be harvested and we will still have a Saturday pick up at the farm!

We may be a little sluggish on Saturday as we have a rather long day on Friday as it is Turkey day which starts really early and ends rather late!

Thank you to all who have filled out the winter survey so far! Please do remember that if you want to continue after the 20 weeks whether it be bi-weekly or weekly you do need to leave your name at the end of the survey  The survey is anonymous so we really have no idea who fills it in.

When it gets this cold we tend to make soups, curries and stews so we have added some of these recipes this week, along with a few different ideas! Enjoy!

This weeks basket
Carrots -  Baked whole carrots
Beets - Why not serve your beet roots for dessert Chocolate beetroot cake
Swede - A great way to use up your root vegetables is to make a large pot of root vegetable stew
Kale - Found a great recipe for Mashed winter vegetable stew which helps to use up your kale!
Leeks - Something to do with all the turkey left overs! Turkey and leek pie.
Turnips - We have the sweet, tender hakurei turnips again this week why not try a a little spice this week and cook a spiced turnip and chickpea dish.
Lettuce - How about a chicken and squash salad? The recipe says to use a butternut but you could use any type of squash for this recipe.
PotatoesButtery herby potato cake or a bubble and squash!
Beans - You could always add your beans to the cauli coconut curry or try this bean cooking dish!
Squash - You will either receive this week a bright orange Kuri squash or a spaghetti squash.
Cauliflower - Yes we have cauliflower again this week, very excited about this! Why not try a Cauli Coconut Curry
Mustard Greens - Mustard greens are great for juicing, making pesto or you could even try a calabrese mustard greens