Monday, October 17, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 19

Cover crops seeded in August
Sunday we received just over 1/2 an inch of rain which helps to top up our cistern in the house and to water in all the cover crops that were seeded on Saturday by Ruby who is doing her "Farming" Badge for Girl Guides at Strattons Farm.
Thank you to everyone who had shown an interest in the November CSA.  Registration forms have now been sent out.  If you have not received one please let us know.
This week is also the last week for some of our half shares.  Please check your e-mails as we have sent out this years survey along with a more detailed summation of this years season.

This weeks vegetable basket:
Kalettes - These are a cross between brussels and kale and are ooh so good.  All you need to do is break the florets off the side of the stalk.  Fry up some onions and garlic and add the kalettes and saute for a few moments add some crispy bacon and you are done.  Kalettes can be used in your favourite brussel sprout recipes. The leafy top part of the "trees" can also eaten, just not the stalks, though the dogs love to chew them!
Jaune Boule D'or Turnips - This weeks turnips are a French Heirloom 'Golden Ball Turnips'.  They are lovely fragrant turnip with a very sweet flavour, they are great roasted, added to mashed potato and can be sliced thinly and soaked in balsamic vinegar and salt and then eaten raw. Potato and turnip cakes.

Watermelon Radish - It has taken a while for them to grow this year but they are finally here! For 
those who have not tried them they have a sweet peppery flavour to them.  They can be eaten raw, roasted or turned into pickles. Kale Salad with quick watermelon radish pickle.

Monday, October 10, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 18

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that a small part of Strattons Farm may have been on your table over the weekend!
We did our annual Thanksgiving walk around our farm with Louie this year and got to take in the amazing Fall colours.
By the end of this week we will have sent out registration forms for the November CSA.  I am hoping that it will be a google document this year rather than a paper one but this will depend if I have time to create it.  This years November CSA will be smaller than last year so we thank everyone who registered their interest early.
The main news at the farm is that our Market Garden is now Certified Organic.  We thought it about time we walked the talk and got our certification.  I have to say a huge thank you to McFadden Acres who have been a huge support to me through this process.  We decided to do our certification as in Ontario you can say you are Organic without actually complying to the Canadian Organic Standards.  We felt it only right that we should go through the process (and make it official, even though we have followed the standards for many years) so that our CSA member families know that our Market Garden complies to these standards.

This weeks basket:
Leeks - Sizzle and spice leek and chickpeas
Carrots- We are doing bags of carrots again this week.
Cabbage - Yes the savoy cabbage does look like an over grown brussel sprout! But we had enough of this type of cabbage for this weeks CSA.
Chard - Chard and potato curry!
Turnips - This weeks turnips are Hakurei turnips.  These can be eaten raw or cooked.
Greens - Coconut creamed greens.