Monday, July 18, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 6

Weeding, seeding, transplanting still continue but all the vegetables and two farmers are longing for a proper dose of rain, we need about two to three days worth of gentle rain.  
We did finally got some rain on Friday evening, only 45 minutes and it was still under half an inch but it was an odd feeling not to be getting up every 30 minutes and moving water lines! The overcast day on Saturday gave it a chance to soak in but we had to put the sprinklers back on on Sunday evening. The high heat this week and again the 48+kph winds drying the ground, causes the vegetables to look very unhappy and with no rain in the forecast it looks like we will be running the sprinklers every evening for the foreseeable future!  
What always amazes us is the crops we do not water as much.  This years melon patch is growing well the bees are busy pollinating it and we have already started to spot the odd watermelon in the patch!

Several of our CSA families have started new business this year.   Jess and Nate are the proud owners of the new Yoga studio Creekside Yoga which has opened in Stirling and Kevin has just launched Primal Crunch which you will be able to purchase at farm pickups.  It will work on a honesty system so we will leave a jar next to the crunch, if you take a bag (each bag is 400g) please leave your $12.00 (please bring the correct change with you) in the jar for Kevin.
What is Primal Crunch? It is a premium granola, designed as a healthy alternative to traditional breakfast cereal. The mix of nuts and seeds with all natural sweeteners makes a delicious meal that is grain-free, oat-free, gluten-free and low-carb. Add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and a handful of berries for a meal that will keep you going all morning long.  It also makes for a great snack when you're on the go.

This weeks basket:
Zucchini - Zucchini chips
Salad Onions
Cabbage - This is on my list of things to make this year! How to make Sauerkraut
Eggplant - We love eggplant! There are so many things you can do with it, we will try and post a different recipe to try each time eggplant is in your boxes! First up is Ratatouille
This might be subject to change as we may have fennel but it is not very happy due to heat and lack of regular rain.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 5

Sorry for the delay in posting, the internet has been painfully slow over the last two days, it has taken three hours to load one picture!!!

Lots of you have been checking in to see if we got rain at the weekend! The answer is "Yes" but don't get too excited. We only got 1/4" which really is nothing and by Sunday afternoon the market garden was back to being as dry as a bone again.  We are still watering every evening but our system is not an elaborate one.  It is a long hose with a sprinkler head that we move every 30 minutes! We are hoping that all the vegetables hold on through this next dose of high heat and hot winds and we are praying for a break in the weather, but I am not sure it is going to come soon enough! At this stage we really do need a good few days of gentle rain. 

This weeks basket:
Fennel - can be eaten raw, or you could try baked fennel with parmesan.
Cucumbers - This year we have moved some of our cucumbers into our hoop houses and also trying new varieties as well.  So you may find you get some short dark green cucumbers.  This variety is designed for greenhouses and even though we have found it sweet to eat we are finding it is yielding less than our other ones!
Kale -Kale salad, not in the mood with this heat to cook your kale just tear into small pieces season with sea salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil massage into the kale and eat!
Carrots -   Carrot, chickpea and tahini salad  Don't forget to use your carrot tops to make pesto!
Zucchini - They do love heat
Salad Onions
Peas - This is looking like the last week of peas.
Tomatoes or Eggplant - Tomatoes are still a little slow to ripen in the hoop houses but they are starting.  So we are hoping to have enough for everyone this week, if we do not we have a few eggplant which are ready to be harvest as well.
BONUS - We will have a tub of scapes at the farm and at each pick up this week.  Please just help yourselves to what you need this will be the last of the scapes for the 2016 season.