Monday, October 5, 2015

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 17

High winds, over 1and 1/2" of rain in two days, two very patchy frosts, Nigella the pig farrowed and we are just waiting for Ina, Fleur and Tilly moved in with Cosmo, a week of harvesting vegetables, clearing the field, prepping for garlic planting and getting the greenhouse and hoop house ready for winter greens, mixed in with a little bit of puppy training seems like a normal week at the farm!


This weeks vegetable basket:
Potatoes - Three winter potato recipes including pan haggerty!
Sweet Peppers
Swede/Rutabaga/Turnip - Everyone seems to have a different name for this! Sadly the swede's this year are not going to be as large as last! Due to the aphid attack it has caused the roots to be more long and skinny.  So you may find over the last weeks of the CSA you may end up with two!
Swede, leek and apple bake
Beans - We love making Ribollita.  Most recipes call for canned beans but we always use fresh.  For the greens you can use anything from napa cabbage, to kale or even your radish tops. 
Asian greens
Celeriac - This warty nobly ugly vegetable is amazing! Has a mild celery taste to it.
Celeriac Crisps 
Celeriac and potato mash 
Spiced celeriac soup 
spiced celeriac with lemon 
Watermelon radish -   We love these radishes at the farm. They have a nice bite to them and can be eaten raw or cooked.  As this article states which includes recipes 'if Cinderella were a vegetables she would have been a Watermelon radish'! don't forget to use the tops Radish top soup and slow roasted radish.

Cauliflower - cauliflower crust pizza
Chinese/Napa Cabbage 
Spinach or Arugula
Herbs - This week it will be thyme.  If you want to dry it just place in a brown paper bag for a few weeks.  Once the leaves are dry just run your fingers down the stem to remove all the leaves and store in a jar.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CSA Newsletter ~ Week 16

The sound of rain filling our cistern on Monday is always a lovely sound! As we sat with our coffee feeling a little sleep deprived after one of your farmers spent over 20 hours in a car driving to collect our newest edition to the farm, and the other farmer has been getting up at 2am the last two mornings to do pee breaks for an 8 week old puppy.  But finally after a very long wait for this little man, Louie is at the farm and everyone is getting used to the newest edition!!!
Apart from puppy news we are getting the field ready for winter and about to start breeding the goats for next years kids.

This weeks vegetable basket:
Potatoes - cheesy bubble and squeak cakes
Sweet peppers - sweet pepper, yoghurt and harissa soup
Cauliflower - curried Cauliflower Soup
Carrots - Harira
Turnips - We did these turnips in the spring.  They can be eaten raw cooked or even added to your curried cauliflower soup.
Asian Green - Golden Frill is this weeks green,  eaten raw in a salad or tossed into roasted or mashed potatoes towards the end of their cooking time.
Broccoli - Wok- fried sirloin with broccoli and leeks.
Leeks - Welsh Cawl
Help your self to hot peppers.