Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome King George VI

This really has been one long adventure and it all started September 2011! We were trying to get a registered Berkshire boar from Nova Scotia.  We wanted a different blood line and finally found a farm that would be able to help.  The deal was done and we needed to get a flying crate to the owner and book flights but by the time the crate arrived the pig was too big for it and by the time we managed to find another one West Jet had stopped flying pigs due to the temperature.  There really is nothing more funnier than trying to book a flight for a 10 week old pig.
Bertie in his travel crate

So we laid it to rest over Christmas and started again this year.  We missed one litter, called someone else and he had just castrated all his boars but he did tell us he had another litter due, so we kept in contact and finally a rather handsome boar was born.  Our boy has lead a wonderful life so far at Ross Farm Museum in Nova Scotia, Once he had grown big enough and had been weaned it was time to move him to Strattons Farm.  
His journey to us would not have been possible if it where not for Barry.  His expertise in breeding and raising such wonderful Berks, for keeping in contact, helping to arrange the transport and building his travel crate.  Also to Caitlin who took up the challenge of driving our little guy all the way from Nova Scotia to a gas station in Belleville! 
We hear that he kept them on their toes during the journey and it "did get smelly" a couple of times!
We thank you both very much.
Our Berkshire herd is complete and we are excited to announce the arrival of King George VI or "Bertie" to his friends.
Bertie has green ears as he had to be tattooed as he is a registered Berkshire Boar.  He has a lot of growing to do before he fulfills his roll at the farm!!