Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Garlic Harvest

On a rather cold and windy day at the end of June reminiscent of the day in October when they were planted! 

We have harvested our first garlic here at the farm.  It's rather exciting digging into the ground removing a huge ball of soil with roots shooting out and then to carefully remove the earth to discover  such wonderful bulbs of Organic Music and Heirloom Fish Lake garlic.  This is the first time we have grown garlic and we are both delighted with the results.  The smell in the air of fresh garlic, for me brings back memories of being at my Grandparents, when my Grand Dad would eat a few raw cloves of garlic along with his lunch each day.

The drying process now begins.  This process should take about 2 weeks if we get a little more heat...Please!
We are already planing where we will be planting the garlic for next year and will start preparing the bed in the months to come.