Monday, November 21, 2016

FALL CSA Newsletter ~ Week 4

Here we are at the last week of our Fall CSA and week 24 of providing weekly vegetable boxes to our community in this drought year! 
A few happy dances will be done this week, as at the start of the season we never thought we would get through to the end of this year.

A huge "Thank You" to all our CSA families this year, we could not have done it without your continued support.

As I type the final newsletter of the 2017 season I am looking out the window at high winds and blowing snow!
We are thankful that we harvested radicchio and pac choy on Saturday for this weeks shares and that our High Mowing Organic seed catalog turned up in the mail today so that planning for 2017 can start!
We are a being a bit optimistic about harvesting more greens for the boxes tomorrow morning. With all the snow we have had we now need to dig the hoop house out to actually get into it to harvest the spinach.  We will still harvest kale and kalettes tomorrow morning from the field, once we have dug them out of the snow!

The Farm Gate will be closed from SUNDAY 27th of NOVEMBER and will re open on TUESDAY 6th DECEMBER.
If you have pre-ordered eggs they will be available for collection during this week on your normal pick up days.  We will just be closed to vegetable and meat sales this week! 
Bulk vegetable boxes will be available from the 6th December onward.  If you would like to pre- order a bulk box for that week please feel free to e-mail.  We will also send out e-mail and Facebook reminders.

This weeks basket:  Some items may change due to the weather!
Sweet potatoes
Pac Choy
Butternut Squash -   These did not do well this year due to the weather so they are a little, but we do have enough for the last week of the Fall CSA.
Kohlrabi - It is not going to look pretty on the outside due to storage but once you remove the skin it is still as crisp and fresh as the day it was harvested.
Kale - This is in a bag this week as it has been picked from the field from under all the snow!

We are hoping for spinach and/or greens but maybe as I said before I am being a little too optimistic!