Monday, April 14, 2014

Farm Wish List 2014

As the snow clears and the urge to spring clean and de clutter starts for many of us. We would like you all to think before you either head to the tip or recycle into your blue tubs. Maybe what you have may be able to be up-cycled or recycled else where.

We have created a farm wish list for the last two years and we have to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have up cycled and recycled to our farm. It is not until we write the list out that we realise how much has been up cycled to us, rather than ending up in landfills we have been able to give it a new life or extended life here at the farm.
Over the last two year we have recieved everything from steel roofing for animal housing, buckets we use for carrying water to livestock and feed to animals. EMT pipe we bend into hoops to use to support our floating row covers at the start and end of the season, laundry sinks for our wash stations, barn boards for cladding to animals housing, paint for hives, windows and solid wood doors again for animal housing, a car port cover which will be turned into a proper covered wash station this year, lots of towels for kidding season, a canopy for our vegetable stand at the farm, wood and sheet metal that allowed us to build a secure feed room, clean non broken wood pallets that we use in the greenhouse for our seeding trays to sit on.

Here we go with Strattons Farm 2014 list:

Laundry sinks for the ever expanding wash station
Barn boards for our new goats house and the chicken house
Latex Exterior paint for our hives 
More food grade buckets for animal water and feed, once the handles break Michael then cuts the buckets into label tags for seeding season. 
A metal back pack frame - this sounds like an odd request but we actually need it to be able to carry a propane tank when we use our flame weeder.  
Solid wood doors for animal housing

Through our customers up cycling we were able to clad the goats house with old barn boards, a few sheets of steel roofing were up cycled onto the roof along with old windows and a a wooden door which was turned into the stable door.  Thank You to everyone who up cycled so this project could be completed.
Thank you to everyone who has donated latex exterior paint to keep our hives looking so pretty.